Pokéloha was the first restaurant to bring the internationally acclaimed Hawaiian sushi trend to Cyprus, offering a plethora of nutritious options with exciting flavours. The Poké trend started in Hawaii as a deconstructed sushi option and quickly spread to body-conscious California and gourmet loving London, while Pokéloha proudly introduced it to the island with an exciting menu, which includes Mediterranean flavours, premium ingredients and a fun, quick-serving experience. Customers can choose from a range of signature bowls or make their own, by choosing their base, protein, marinade and combination of fresh, exotic vegetables, fruits, nuts, toppings and sauces.

Poké (pronounced poh-kay) is a beloved Hawaiian dish derived from the word meaning 'to slice'. Simple yet savory, sushi-grade fish is cubed, seasoned with flavorful sauces and mixed with tasty toppings.

Create your own bowl & enjoy fresh exotic flavors!

-Choose your base (rice, quinoa or greens)

-Choose your protein (seafood, steamed chicken or tofu)

-Choose your marinade (selection of sweet, spicy and umami flavors)

-Mix in your veggies and fruits

-Pimp it up with your choice of nuts and other exotic flavors

Add final touches with inspired sauces


Opening Hours

Dine In 12:00 - 22:45

Take Away 12.00-22.30

Delivery 12.00-22.15

Contact Details
+357 25 278024

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