Our ultimate feel-good winter ramen menu is back with our signature flavour-packed vegetable soup broth, authentic egg noodles, premium proteins and only the very best and freshest vegetables, herbs and spices. 

Ramen is perhaps the first winter comfort food ever recorded and our hearty recipes are a true testament to that initial tradition. Made as a real labour of love, they set out to warm your soul with a bowl full of goodness that keeps you feeling nice and cozy all day long.

We pair our locally sourced ingredients with handpicked authentic Asian specials, to create carefully combined flavourful options, always slow cooked to perfection… and served with a smile.

Check out the menu below, make sure you try them all, to discover your favourite this winter.

  • Chicken: vegetable broth, egg noodles, juicy chicken, hardboiled egg, fresh spring onion and coriander
  • Hot Chili Prawn: vegetable broth, egg noodles, yummy prawns, sweet chili sauce, fresh ginger, red chili, spring onion and lime
  • Duck: vegetable broth, egg noodles, boneless duck, ponzu sauce, bean sprouts, black and white sesame, pickled ginger, spring onion and coriander
  • Hot Chili Beef: vegetable broth, egg noodles, prime beef filet, sweet chili sauce, fresh ginger, pepper blend, red chili, spring onion and coriander

Visit Pokéloha at Columbia Plaza to experience that Winter Ramen Sensation at its very best for dine-in or takeaway, or order yours for home delivery, from the Bolt Food app.

For more info visit: poke-loha.com