Sunday Lunch for Kings


Sunday Lunch for Kings

Sundays are for friends, family and the sumptuous smells of juicy meats cooking over an open fire. It may by a little chilly outside but Avli Tou Vasilea is keeping its momentum going during the winter season, welcoming you to a delicious Sunday lunch experience, in a newly renovated indoor area complete with a blazing fireplace, modern Greek décor, and a special Sunday menu that promises to become the true crowning event of your week. 

‘Souvli stin Avli’ Sunday lunch, is a chance for our passionate chefs to enjoy an open-flame cookout and serve you the very best traditional souvla, a succulent Cyprus delicacy where large cuts of pork, lamb and chicken are slow cooked on a long skewer over a piping hot charcoal barbeque. This technique results in melt-in-your-mouth roasted meat, perfect for a satisfying lazy lunch, accompanied by fresh Mediterranean dips and salads beautifully dressed with plenty of olive oil, oregano and thyme.

The Avli Tou Vasilea Sunday lunch experience also includes authentic Greek dishes such as moussaka, pastichio, baked aubergines and grilled wild mushrooms, and is complemented by traditional live music as well as the best service on the island.

See the menu here. For more information and reservations call us on 25278000